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Some of the territory I’ve covered.

Gallipott Salon
  • Gallipott - the Apothecary Salon

    Web development and master • Custom Wordpress design

    Gallipott is a boutique salon out of Denver, Colorado. They approached me to redesign their site to suit their unique tastes through a combination of attention to a vintage color theme based on the interior design of their salon, crafting custom illustrations and icons and pepering in their unique sense of humor.

    Future iterations will include a shopping cart for their DIY crafted skin and hair care products and blog.

    Have a look for yourself!
  • Responsive Design.

    A key component to increasing online conversion was to make sure Gallipott had a site that was easily digestible in a mobile format. Responsive design and well placed CTA's for appointments have dramatically increased their sales!

  • Custom illustration and icon design.

    Here are a few samples of the custom illustrations and icon designs I did for Gallipott. This level of asset creation really helps them stand apart from other salon sites using plug-and-play themes.

  • Groundwork Functional Fitness

    Web development and master • Custom Wordpress theme • Brand identity • Print and digital design

    Groundwork truly puts the "fun" in functional fitness but their previous theme was generic and did little to emphasize their unique brand of fitness. I created this custom Wordpress theme to not only highlight their dynamic, daily outdoor program but to call attention to the more customizable sessions they offer.

    I've also had my hands in crafting the look and feel of their business and will continue to do so because I truly believe in their product.

    Have a look for yourself!
  • Online Conversion and emphasis on new programs.

    Groundwork is a daily (Monday - Friday) outdoor group training program but they also offer many other programs from Olympic Training to Young Adult weight loss. These programs were buried in his previous design but I made sure to call much, MUCH more attention to them in this design.

    Future iterations of the site will include a shopping cart for the many programs Groundwork offers.

  • Brand Identity.

    I've had my hands in all aspects of the visual side of Groundwork. Logo design, banner and ad creation, coupons, t-shirt printing... you name it!

Oban Shafts
  • Oban Shafts

    Print and digital design • Web manager • Tradeshow assets

    Oban Golf Shafts make the top-of-the-line golf shafts. I took this client over from a fellow client and have taken over full control of their print and digital asset creation and Wordpress site maintainence. They have many different needs ranging from catalogs, packets, banners, poster, high quality web images.

    Go check out their awesome products!
  • Multiple products. One Satisified client.

    Oban creates many different print packets each year as they cater not only to wholesale retailers and pros but also to average consumers.

  • Custom logo and design.

    I created the new logo for MPT (MultiPlex Technology) for this year's print assets. I also had the pleasure of updating the sweet graphic designed by the illustrious, Mandy Goss!


    Print and digital design • Web Manager • Video editing and directing

    AAJA-LA (Asian American Journalist Association - Los Angeles) is an amazing group of highly enthusiastic volunteers deeply concerned with Asian American journalists in the greater LA area. I've volunteered my design prowess to their very noble and exciting cause!.

    I've done varied projects to digital and print design to video directing and editing... I've also volunteered for some their events!

    Have a look for yourself!
  • V3con 2013 trailer.

    V3con is an amazing event focusing on emerging digital journalism trends. I edited/directed this video with very little assets to work with. I look forward to editing this year's with a surplus of b-roll and usuable interview footage.

  • Trivia Bowl

    Trivia Bowl is a long standing event for AAJA-LA and I had the luck of not only designing the program for this event but I also contributed some blood, sweat and tears to the actual event.

    Check out the program here!
  • Polyplayground

    Web development • Responsive design • Custom design

    Polyplayground is an intensely interesting composition and sequencing app available for the iPad developed by electronic musician, Mike Gao. Mike has had a lot of hype in the electronic music scene regarding his app but not a site to tour its intracacies nor drive sales in the Mac App store...

    Have a look for yourself!
  • Responsive design.

    Since many of the potential consumers of Polyplayground will most likely be purchasing from their iPads to play on their iPads, the site needed to be full responsive. Designing Polyplayground responsive also helped to highlight the technological complexities of the app while the visual style kept it fun!

  • Logo and icon Design.

    I designed the logo for this app based upon the Tetris-based design of the app and chord structure. I played upon that idea more with colorful and blocky icons custom designed for this site.

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